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"Gabriele's concerns"

Kelly's friend and the note Hutton has not revealed

German colonel shared scientist's views on WMDs - but we cannot see her crucial evidence, report Martin Bright and Gaby Hinsliff

Sunday September 14, 2003
The Observer

A handwritten note referring to a senior German military officer found in a briefcase belonging to Dr David Kelly could provide vital clues to the suicide of the British arms expert.

Lieutenant-Colonel Gabriele Kraatz-Wadsack, a close friend and colleague of Kelly who worked with him on numerous inspection missions in Iraq, was known to have been devastated by the death of the British weapons expert. The officer, who trained with the German Army Medical Service, was passionate about the threat from Iraq's biological weapons. She has since returned to work for the German army and has refused to give any interviews about Kelly.


Last night pressure was building on the Hutton inquiry to release a two-page handwritten note found by police in Kelly's briefcase referring to 'Gabriele's concerns'. It is believed to summarise Kraatz-Wadsack's knowledge about the Iraqi weapons programme and may also have outlined her worries about returning to Iraq. Kelly was known to have been trying to recruit an inspection team to return to Iraq under the auspices of the US-controlled Iraq Survey Group shortly before his death.

Detective Sergeant Geoffrey Webb of Thames Valley Police confirmed to the inquiry that the document 'appeared to relate to Iraq and Weapons of Mass Destruction'. Yet the document has been held back by the inquiry team for 'personal' reasons.


Update: A further search at the Hutton Inquiry website reveals that the second page (only) of 'Gabriel's concerns' appears as Exhibit GHW/1/3 at:


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