Friday, July 14, 2006

Richard Spertzel, Rod Barton and Hamish Killip.

Richard Spertzel

Richard Spertzel was head of UNSCOM's Biological Weapons Inspection Section from 1994 to 1999. He was interviewed by The Observer for the Sunday January 25 2004 edition:

"We decided that in all inspections related to investigation of Iraq's prohibited programme, a core group of four individuals would always participate - Rod Barton of Australia, Hamish Killip of the UK, David (Kelly) and me."

Rod Barton

Rod Barton gave evidence to the Australian Parliament Senate Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee in Canberra on March 29 2005, with reference to 'Duties of Australian personnel in Iraq':

Mr Barton — The mobile laboratories were something that we, the ISG, investigated very thoroughly throughout 2003. By the end of that year and certainly by early 2004, we had come to fairly firm conclusions on exactly what those trailers were. We call them trailers. There were two of them that we had in our camp, actually — at Camp Slayer. The evidence of all of the experts who went through those trailers was that those trailers were nothing to do with biology. In actual fact, they were hydrogen generators. That was an issue that I was told by a senior CIA official we could not discuss. In fact, that senior person — and I am not talking about Charles Duelfer; I am talking about his senior staff member — said that it did not matter what they were or what they were for, he did not want to know and we could not write about that. It was too politically difficult, he told me. I said: 'How can we refer to these in the report? We need to make a reference. We have done all of this work and we have quite a thorough document on these trailers — as to what they are and what their purpose is.' He said, 'I don't care — that can't go in the report.' I spoke to Charles Duelfer afterwards and he said, 'I'm not interested in that.' Therefore, in the report we put out in March, there was no reference to our findings about those trailers. I actually put it to Charles: 'There are still members in your government — not in mine anymore, but in yours — who are referring to those trailers as biological trailers. We know they are not and we are not telling them.' He said, 'I'm not interested in that. We're not putting that in the report.' And it did not go in.

Rod Barton to Joby Warrick of the Washington Post prior to Wednesday April 12 2006:

"It would be easier to start all over with just a bucket,"
- Rod Barton

Hamish Killip

Hamish Killip speaking to Bob Drogin and John Goetz of the Los Angeles Times prior to Sunday November 20 2005: (Unavailable at LAT, cached at

"The equipment was singularly inappropriate for biological weapons."

"We were in hysterics over this. You'd have better luck putting a couple of dustbins on the back of the truck and brewing it in there. The trucks were built to generate hydrogen, not germs."

– Hamish Killip


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