Monday, August 21, 2006

Charles Duelfer

Transcript - Inspections in Iraq

Introductory Speaker: Kenneth M. Pollack, director, National Security Studies, Council on Foreign Relations


Charles Duelfer, visiting resident scholar, CSIS

Khidir Hamza, president, New Coucil for Middle East Affairs

Richard Spertzel, former U.S. Army Officer

May 2, 2002

Council on Foreign Relations


(Charles Duelfer)


And some serious areas of concern. And that is Iraq's consideration for using mobile production facilities. Now we first heard about that in biology from General Amril Al-Saudi(?), which I think, in a moment of weakness, he said he instructed the bio personnel to evaluate using mobile facilities for production purposes. And then he quickly backed off about five minutes later in saying that, no, that was just a whim of his at the time and it wasn't taken seriously. Well, reports that I've heard recently, not from any intelligence sources but from other open sources, indicate that maybe there's a lot more to that than just that whim of Dr. Saudi.



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