Saturday, July 29, 2006

ACC Michael Page of TVP.



Q. Can you give his Lordship, and everyone else, some idea of how many people you have interviewed in the course of your inquiries?

A. Yes, certainly. We have made contact with somewhere in the region of 500 individuals during the course of our inquiry.

Q. How many statements have you taken?

A. We have taken 300 statements and we have seized in excess of 700 documents in addition to the computer files I referred to when I gave evidence last time.


MR DINGEMANS: In the course of those inquiries and interviews I think you have interviewed a number of people that Dr Kelly spoke to at some length, is that right?

A. Yes, we have obviously established all known contacts that Dr Kelly had in the last few days of his life; and we have explored all those contacts. We assessed the nature of the relationship between the contact and Dr Kelly. Some were very fairly easily dealt with because they were obviously casual contacts or business contacts and we were able to deal with those by way of questioning. Some we assessed the relationship with Dr Kelly to be more of a friendship, and therefore my main concern there was whether Dr Kelly may have confided in those individuals and therefore with a certain number of individuals we actually interviewed them and took statements from them.

Q. And took statements. One of the persons that you interviewed and took statements from in fact was able to give evidence and that was Olivia Bosch and we have heard from her.

A. That is correct, my Lord.

Q. Have there been other people you have contacted and taken statements from?

A. In order, my Lord, there were twelve individuals including Olivia Bosch from whom we took statements.

Q. Was one of those persons Mia Pedersen?

A. Yes, we interviewed Mia Pedersen. She declined to give a statement as such but I have a record of the interviews that took place.

Q. Were you able to obtain any relevant evidence from her?

A. The conversation with Mia Pedersen added nothing that was of relevance to my inquiry at all.

Q. There was also some called Gabriella Kraz-Wadsak, is that right?

A. Yes.

Q. Who is she?

A. Gabriella Kraz-Wadsak [sic - complete sp. variation from below] is an officer in the German army. She worked alongside Dr Kelly in Iraq for a number of years and had been in contact with Dr Kelly in the days before his death as indeed she had been for some years before that.

Q. Was she able to give any relevant evidence?

A. Nothing that furthered my inquiries at all.

Q. There was a document TVP/2/20 headed "Gabriella's concerns". Was she able to explain what this meant to you?

A. Yes, indeed my Lord. Apparently the document refers to a conversation or conversations that she had with Dr Kelly between June 14th and the 17th, and apparently refers to Dr Kelly's assessment of the efficacy of the inspection programme in Iraq. Hence, I think there is a heading there which says "Confidence of legitimacy and deterrence effect"; and apparently around the issues that Dr Kelly has recorded there and recorded numbers along each side of, they were discussing those issues and assessing impact of the programme.



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