Thursday, August 24, 2006

Unresolved Questions...

Unresolved Questions Regarding US Government Attribution of a Mobile Biological Production Capacity by Iraq

By Milton Leitenberg


Where did the notion of the possibility of an Iraqi mobile BW production capability come from? In 1995, Lt. General Amir al-Sa'adi told UNSCOM officials that in 1988 he had suggested that perhaps Iraq should develop its BW production on mobile platforms. The suggestion was rejected as not being feasible, and some fixed facilities were converted from other uses, while others were constructed.

During the war against Iran, General Sa'adi had been the head of the Iraq government's Special Office for Technical Industry (SOTI) and he later became the deputy to General Hussein Kammel, the head of all of Iraq's WMD programs, in the Ministry of Industry and Military Industrialization (MIMI). General Sa'adi proposed only "a concept." He produced no specific drawings or plans.



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